Restore ipad to factory settings without updating

12-Oct-2017 05:17

There are a few reasons for this, one of which is that if you’re making a warranty claim it’s possible for Apple to tell that your device was jailbroken once some evidence of the jailbreak has been copied back to the freshly restored phone.

If you’re not making warranty claims, you still might want to hold off creating a backup.

This might not be a huge amount of data and pose little problem, or it might be a lot of temporary files that eats a good portion of your 16GB i Phone’s memory. Ever made a warranty claim for a phone you had previously jailbroken?

The newly launched Apple i Pad Mini is out to have a beat down with other tablets in the market.

If you have jailbroken your i Pad Mini and have run into problems, there is probably a need for you to restore your i Pad Mini to its original factory settings.

Restoring the i Pad Mini to its default settings is also essential if you are thinking of selling or giving away your i Pad Mini to someone else as you can fully erase your personal info from the device before it leaves your hands.

The most frequent problems that could cause this have to do with the Operating System (OS) itself.

Restoring an i Phone is an intricate web of activities. Are you currently facing a problem where you would want to restore your i Phone but not update it?

Upon the start up, all content, apps, music, photos, and personal account information will be erased from the i Pad Mini.

Unless you want a headache, battery problems or an i Phone that won’t even turn on, don’t simply attempt to upgrade over-the-air.

Do this instead: There are a lot of tales online – mainly anecdotal, which comes with the territory when it comes to jailbreaking – that creating a backup of a jailbroken device is a bad idea.

SHSH blobs are in the process of being phased out in favour of the tougher-to-beat APTicket.

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Important: For this reason, you shouldn’t upgrade the software on your phone or restoring to stock if you depend on your jailbreak for an unlock.

One way of potentially restoring your unlock is to save your SHSH blobs, which is what is used to authenticate your i Phone with Apple.

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