Report by jim regarding russian and ukraine dating and scammers

01-Sep-2017 21:32

report by jim regarding russian and ukraine dating and scammers-33

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‘Romance scamming has morphed out of earlier scams, which at first relied on handwritten letters, then typed ones. The internet is now very sophisticated in Nigeria and is the main reason that scamming has taken hold. ‘Once the fraudsters obtain your bank account details, there is no stopping them. They do go to prison for several years, in the UK or in Africa.’ Not that West Africa is the stronghold.

‘There is no world capital of heartless scamming,’ said Mr Woodcock. Thanks to the West African diaspora it also goes on in hundreds of other locations, according to information reaching the National Fraud Reporting Centre – anywhere that the internet can be accessed routinely.

Others don’t want to believe that someone paying them attention may not be genuine.

‘Some people are so desperate to be loved that they will do almost anything. They are not prepared to admit that they have fallen for a fantasy.

It’s primarily small groups of disenfranchised young men – poverty-stricken, ill-educated – finding it virtually impossible to get regular work and make any sort of living.

‘They frequent internet cafes, witness what others are up to and get involved.

Russian Bride Scam First Things To Know ABC News We ve all heard of catfishing when somebody pretends to be somebody that they re not over the internet lures in an unsuspecting victim and invariably .

Kate, who had to sell her house to pay off her debts, is one of a rising tide of women (and a number of men) who have fallen for a new and worrying crime phenomenon: the romantic scam or rom scam.'It’s a huge operation, and we are making progress but people are still falling for it in worrying numbers. ‘In reality it’s now a bit of both,’ Mr Woodcock said.

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