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It’s weird.” Didn’t I have my own people to fight for?

And that’s when it struck me: I wasn’t black, or Mexican or Asian or Russian. To large swaths of the American public, that meant I was a possibly dangerous brown person who potentially sympathized with Al Qaeda or Hezbollah.

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Like most comedians, I have a graduate degree in African-American Studies. You could define it based on the one-drop rule, which is to say if you have any black ancestry, however remote, you’re black. I’ve never done a family tree and I’ve never been the subject of one of those reality TV shows where they trace the family history of say, Ben Affleck, and he finds out that he and Matt Damon are connected eight generations back through a soldier in the Revolutionary War who wore custom pantaloons. But then there’s the kind of blackness that’s defined by its opposition to whiteness. The Civil Rights movement was driven by black folk against white folk who were trying to keep them down.

To other swaths of the American public, I was the kind of person who pronounced “Iran” in a way that didn’t make it sound like a past-tense verb. I wasn’t helping anyone by glossing over my real identity. There were 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide whose identity was being hijacked!

The case against Jason Rezaian, the Post’s Tehran bureau chief, is in the hands of the Revolutionary Court, reported the Islamic Republic...

To be clear, I’m actually an Iranian-American Muslim female comedian-slash-filmmaker. Sometimes “kinda pretty black,” occasionally “really black,” and, depending on how drunk I was, “Don Cheadle.” I’m not technically black. I’m Iranian, an ethnically brown Muz type, and definitely not black. You could identify blackness by external appearance. Slavery was black folks being owned by white folks. is black and white, ebony and ivory, Black Eyed Peas and White Stripes. I guess what I’m saying is, I felt black in that I wasn’t white.