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27-Jun-2017 21:16

The cloth diapers are soft and comfortable for her and work well.

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In my own mind I feel it is simply a matter of inherent weakness in the muscles which control my bladder, and possibly neurological problems as well, since I sometimes have little or no sensation of needing to urinate.

I usually don't drink hours before bed or don't sleep until the early hours of the morning so that I can try and avoid an incident.

school trips have always been a nightmare as well sleeping in hotels on holiday.

My room often smells of urine and it makes me ashamed to have this condition as I was teased by siblings and family friends as a young child.

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I remember going to the doctors at a young age and despite them telling me it happens to many people and more than I was aware of, I was still discusted at myself for not being able to control it.

I did not return and convinced my mother that I could try and tackle this problem by myself.

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