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It's likely that when they turn up it will be in a van that is marked MMF Debt Collection agents in large letters on the side to try and shame you into paying.

Our advice is to get support and never give your bank details to be honest I'd change my bank and have all my monies paid into the new account and leave this company to flounder.

they should be stopped from this kind of harassment. I was reasonably polite'ish and told them I considered their calls fraudulent and if they did not stop calling me, with the array of nos. But the people most at risk are older people and people whose English is poor - is very easy for them to be frightened by the idea of debt and someone turning up on their doorstep (which doesn't happen!

hopefully you have it all sorted now xx a few months ago I took out a pay day loan and after culling my hours drastically due to family circumstances I couldnt afford to repay it. thankyou I have received a lot of phone calls, using different nos., looking for an imaginary Michael Smith. ) and it going to court and so they hand over money for a debt they don't owe.

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Hello Lisa, I'm sorry to read that you've had to deal with one of these sharks and hope we can help move things forward.

Hopefully the court will freeze the repayments at the present level and ask you to repay at minimal rate. Hope this helps Pete If a door step collector comes do not let them in, they have no legal right to enter your home, if they do, they are breaking the law and you should call the police.

Offer them a token payment of at least 1 a month, put it writing to them, and keep writing to them until the accept the offer, send it all recorded if it ever gets to court, the judge will see you tried to pay and rule in your favour. I've dealt with a few debt collection agencies in my time and I don't stand for any of their nonsense now, as long as your trying to pay then I don't see what their problem is.

This page from our local CAB has links to a range of places where you can get advice and support in sorting things out.

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I'd point you to the debt pack at the bottom of the page which lets you set out clearly what your ins and outs are and what debts you have and to whom.The more people that join credit unions the less need there is for these pay day loan compnaies charging huge rates of interest.

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