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Some Australian researchers also show that lack of oxygen in late Devonian seas was restricted to local basins and not necessarily a global phenomenon.

The extinction event at the end of the Triassic, about 201 million years ago, mostly affected life in the oceans, with some 34% of marine species declining including the extinction of conodonts, a major invertebrate group. It has been shown that selenium uptake in the oceans by plankton effects transmission of selenium by gases to the atmosphere, so oceanic depletion of selenium could in theory effect levels on land.

Mammals rose to prominence after the decline of the dinosaurs, and thus we are here today, thanks mainly to these mass extinction events many millions of years ago.

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Credit: John Long & Ross Large Tolerance levels of selenium for phytoplankton, molluscs, fish and many land plants and animals are very well known.

In an earlier article we explained the natural cycle of nutrients caused by plate tectonics, as increased erosion of the Earth's crust supplies nutrients such as trace elements to the oceans.

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