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18-Oct-2017 22:28

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TONY OKUNGBOWA: It was sort of a planned thing over the last few years, from Restless City to Mother of George, and then doing a bit of television as well.

And it’s been really good, somewhat strange of course, because you walk into a room and some casting directors are like, “Oh, I didn’t know you were an actor.” Because they’re used to seeing me on the TV show.

We all have each other’s phone numbers and we just exist as a community. And then coming from England, I just have been brought up to date whoever I fell for.

Now in America is where I have lifted my eyebrow a bit when it comes to dating.

And then you push out the bad, whether it’s drugs or whatever it is that’s detrimental to the neighborhood, those are the things you get up in arms about.

But I really believe that as long as you don’t play a victim, you can play anything.

Okungbowa, who also produced and co-starred in Andrew Dosunmu’s acclaimed dramas Restless City and Mother of George and is familiar to some as the former in-house DJ on The Ellen De Generes Show, made time to talk with Shadow And Act about his role in the new film.

As a British-Nigerian native who grew up in both places and has also lived in New York and LA, he had lots to say about the cultural undertones of the film and the movies at large.

Echo Park is an understated indie romance starring Mamie Gummer and Tony Okungbowa as Sophie and Alex, a pair whose shifting lives and relationships mirror the gentrification shifts in their Los Angeles neighborhood.

They find themselves drawn to each other as Sophie contemplates the end of a previous relationship and Alex considers a move back to his native London.JT: It’s interesting to hear about the difference in interracial relationships in the UK compared to the US.