Granny spy web

15-Oct-2017 13:49

As my late father, Jacques Cousteau, used to say, “people protect what they love.” After reading this story you will fall in love with orcas.

— Jean-Michel Cousteau, filmmaker & founder of Ocean Futures Society (July 2012) This is a true story, pieced together from observations of an orca clan in the Pacific Northwest. Granny babysits, teaches, and leads her family away from danger.

This is a beautifully written and illustrated book about a very special orca family that will delight and educate children and their families. She helps take care of her new great-grandchild, born to its mother Samish, along with its older sister Suttles, cousin Mako, great-uncle Ruffles, and others. Granny, who is the matriarch or Eldest Clan Grandmother, Suttles, Mako, and their family are real wild orcas which live in the seas of the Pacific Northwest region of Puget Sound and are very famous due to their appearance in the Free Willy movies. Sally Hodson, who is the former executive director of the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, WA, has studied and observed these animals for many years to learn how they experience their lives and their world.

Her words make the family come to life, and Ann Jones renders the bold, black and white giants’ movements against colorful backgrounds.The book brings in positive and negative parts of the orcas’ lives without any doom; the book is suitable for the youngest of children, making them interested without allowing them to feel helpless by premature exposure to environmental devastation.