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Her human understanding helps her to manipulate some of the situations and she becomes accepted by the others.One particularly intelligent chimp, Sniff, is intrigued by her.'Shaper' technology is a cross between television and virtual reality.Eva spends most of her time with humans, even going to school, but also spends time in the Reserve, where she learns to adapt to the chimpanzee social group.Not only do they belong there, but Grog believes the human race is running out of steam and will before long no longer bother to care for animals in captivity.At this stage there are only small pockets of wilderness left, and most species have died out.In one of his mystery novels, The Poison Oracle (1974), a chimpanzee who has learned to communicate becomes a witness in a murder case.Dickinson wrote City of Gold and other stories from the Old Testament (1980) for a series of retellings and classics illustrated by Michael Foreman.

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The novel ends twenty-four years later when Eva is near death, the human race is in decline and Eva imagines a future in which the descendants of her band of chimpanzees become the new dominant race.His editor then asked him to tackle Arthurian legends for the same series; he was intrigued but found the material on King Arthur too thin to work with.That generated Merlin Dreams (1988), which features "Merlin drowsing the centuries away under his rock, waking from time to time and recalling some item from the mythic Celtic past, and then dreaming a story about it." But they are Dickinson's stories, not existing Arthurian stories.Eva is a big hit with the public and her family has to cope with massive media interest.

The power of the 'shaper' companies is immense in a world where many people spend all day at home.The novel returns to the ecological themes of the Changes trilogy (1968–70) and Emma Tupper's Diary (1970).