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And he'd better be willing to weather the sometimes piggish remarks from the "fat bigots" who feel like anyone who is overweight shouldn't be seen out in public. I am not obligated to be attracted to any particular type. Like was said, you have to find the ones who are willing to admit they are attracted to bigger girls and willing to be around you.

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You can be smart (I'm about to graduate with an Electrical Engineering B. TLDR: while I used to have concerns a guy wasn't seeing me as enough of a woman, I now have concerns that he isn't seeing me as a person.

But when I wear something even slightlyy fitted or low cut, you can tell. I didn't used to get the immediate attention from males often.

Rather, I would develop friendships with them and over time, had several fall in love with me.

However--and I do say however--big girls are not the only ones who suffer from these extremes. Bonita Supreme My boyfriend says you are beautiful for who you are. That Spanish girl in class is huge and I think she's the best looking thing I've seen all year. I think it's about the girl herself (for me anyhoo). If I don't like the look of her, she could have the build of Christy Turlington and I don't give a rat's ass. And the majority of men aren't only attracted to "skinny girls", they're just not, quite frankly, attracted to obese women. I find that this situation is often exasperated by BBW wearing really baggy clothing to try and hide their bodies, or giving up entirely by wearing sweat pants and not fixing their hair or wearing makeup*. If a woman is truly OK with her body image, why not fix herself up a bit and try to dress nicer? Since I've gained weight, I've tended to hide myself more and more (although I've never cared to wear revealing clothes). BBWs (and I'm one of them, just so you know) should try to dress well for their sizeno hideous polyester, no incredibly unflattering garments. If I see a guy who is dressed with a too-tight too-short shirt and his big ol' pot belly is hanging out and you can see his hairy flesh...well, that ain't attractive.

Other chicks do, too--it just happens more often in that subset because of the way they get treated. Then, suddenly, I realized that A.) I was *occaisionally* getting checked out, B.) I could be attractive, and C.) if anyone else had a problem, tough titties. But you know, now I've got knockers to write home about, my husband loves it when I occasionally wear something close-fitting. But wearing clothing of the proper size and lengthwell, the same guy can look damned attractive.

- - - Heck, sometimes they do that when they're happy! - I don't like dating overweight people because I like doing mildly physical recreational activities that I have found overweight people simply can't enjoy.

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