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Original Brass Buckles showing the Queen Victoria Crown cypher!Dating from 1871 to 1901, these buckles were replaced by King's Crown in 1902.The blade has some wear, but not bad and is bright overall. Those who know Chip know that he only collected the best conditioned daggers. Many of his pieces were vet walk-ins at his coin store in Westchester County, New York. White Buff Leather Belt used in the field during the Zulu wars etc but by 1895 when Khaki was adopted for field service the white equipment was reserved for parade and ceremonial use.The male portion (center) of the buckle showing British Lion over Queen 's Crown surrounded by the female portion displaying the motto: "DIEU ET MON DROIT" (God is my right). HENCKELS ZWILLINGSWERK SOLINGEN RZM 15/38SS" having all early nickel fittings and an anodized scabbard with a bright blade having much of the original crossgraining present with a minor chip at the upper grip at the right side which was neatly repaired as shown in the photo with the overall piece being in excellent condition.

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The dagger is complete with its miniature portepee and original form-fitted presentation case that has a blue velvet interior. Another such example is photographed in the first Johnson dagger reference book on page 199. This piece has a leather hanger and the belt loop device. (Pictures)D042 Luftwaffe Second Model Dagger by "WEYERSBERG" with Waffenamt marking. The original leather washer is present under the crossguard. Luftwaffe Paratrooper Gravity Knife by "PAUL WEYERSBERG". The enamel at the emblem has some damage and the starburst has wear to the silver finish being worn down to the tombac base metal. Le Maire was born in 1908 and died in 1980 and was editor of the newspaper, "Die Reinpfalz" until he retired. Transitional Model-1933 SS Dagger by "RZM 941/39" by Eickhorn. To see what I currently have for sale click the sub-category or (Return to Catalog). This exact style vertical SS dagger hanger is pictured in Wittmann's superb SS book on page 600, top picture, upper right. This weapon was utilized both as a service and dress weapon. M." and shows the seated king logo of that company. The blade is bright but does have a fair amount of pitting towards the tip area. The snap on this piece is an early nickel example as is the buckle, the leather is in overall excellent condition for its age. The hilt has a solid wooden grip contoured with 4 finger recesses. Cased 3/4 Size Miniature Luftwaffe Dagger by "SMF". There is a blue leather washer in place where the blade goes into the crossguard. This is a classic early Pack piece with the correct crossguards and scabbard mounts and has screws placed low on the upper scabbard mounts with this being typical for this maker. This could be refinished or stripped should the buyer choose to, but I would leave it as is. A decent Kriegsmarine Dagger at an affordable price with a good look... I believe that the blade darkening is not due to rust but rather from dried oil. Not a bad piece for the price and it should clean up nicely... Personalized Army Officer's Dagger with "High Lift" Cross-guard. This piece is about 7 3/4 inches long and is in overall excellent condition for its age. Good looking early DLV Flier's Knife by "SMF SOLINGEN" with nickel fittings and the original leather having graying to the blade being a solid piece.

This Personalized Army Officer's Dagger with "High Lift" Cross-guard was no-doubt made by Alcoso even though the blade is not maker marked as only Alcoso used this type of three dimensional cross-guard. The dagger is engraved on the back with the name of the original owner "K Junge". All of the dagger fittings have an even dark patina. The original leather washer is present between the blade and cross-guard... Miniature 3/4 size First Model Luftwaffe/DLV Chained Dagger by "HORSTER". These miniature daggers are much rarer than their full size counterparts and they even can be taken apart just like their full size counterparts. 3/4 Size Miniature Army Officer's Dagger by "ALCOSO SOLINGEN". The screws on the scabbard have not been played with or buggered. Two steel rivets protrude through the grip to the blade tang to secure the blade into place. The enlisted version bears the emblem of the MVSN which is a fasces over the letters "M. The MVSN was the Fascist Party Militia in Italy at that time (Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale). Naval Officer's Dagger by "ORIGINAL EICKHORN SOLINGEN". The degen is complete with the original police knot. The paint on the scabbard is original and fairly worn but this could be restored although I left it as I obtained it from the vet's daughter in September of 2011. NSFK Flier's Knife, by Helbig, Aluminum-Fittings Version.