Dating a college professor as a student

30-Jun-2017 13:47

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Lots of people in the workshop presumed there was some problem with this, but we were informed that technically you can date students if you want, so can professors, there is nothing stopping adults from dating if there is no academic conflict.

Now, if we are talking about some elected position in a university, well you might not get elected/appointed again or maybe even encouraged to step down if you are not the student in this situation because then your position is of a completely different nature.

They say the student would give neither her name nor that of her alleged attacker, so little could be done until she lodged a formal complaint last fall.

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show that the institution has a position and then to deal with the rare case of someone who violates it," Binion says.I realize that it is unethical to have a teacher date a student but if the student is over eighteen and they attend the same college but the professor is not the students teacher... it is only unethical academic-wise if the prof is in a position where they are evaluating you (can give you a grade).