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03-Oct-2017 01:32

They are still around and have a very comprehensive website (uk OR .com) You can still talk to Darren and order records by phone on 01424-444944 and if you are "local" AND a good regular customer - he may even let you pick up your vinyl from his home - so no postage to pay!!! on robertsterns st can't remember name but it's in george street-sells loads of old nd new records some 4 as little as 2.00 (GONE) garage UK records yeah!! Cheap and Knowledgable on all kinds of tunes, Internet and ordering possible and loads of picture albums, limited edition stuff and vinyl. (GONE) well the G-spot is good but a bit xpensive, the crypt is really good tho!

(TAKEN OVER BY TWO BLOKES LOADS O STUFF) woolies, MVC, Virgin, St Andrews Market, a few in de old town St Andrews market just past priory meadow - has cheap second hand cd's and vinyl. Al's records (it rules) (GONE) Al's records it sells all the metal and punk music of you dreams (GONE) Frontier Records, in Robertson Street - Mainly House Music, but you can find some dead interetsting stuff if you look hard enough. shut this housey housey oh so lightly crap up i beg! Very fed-up that Biggles and ID the gay bars are gone!

There was a great club on the Pier, but it closed when the Pier did. Some punk, rock nights upstairs is the dime bar for the more laidback.

Hoping the rich fella currently doing up the Pier will remember to put the club back, and the great music it played. G-spot - strictly 'adults' and Ambrose Hardcourt from southern FM so it seems...

Everyone loves a girl next door, and this is where this site comes in, I cannot begin to describe how many people I see on here.Speaking to other singles is never that easy, I’m not the looker but i’ve had some success here.

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