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01-Dec-2017 14:08

The cone-shape beam enables you to mount Fly12 both above or below the handlebars and has a beam length of up to 78ft / 24m.Multiple brightness levels and light mode settings, including solid on, pulse and flash can be configured through the Cycliq Plus app and the unit remembers these for your next ride.Fly12 makes us of the standard action camera mounting fins, so it can attach to a wide range of accessories.It has been a long time coming but I have just booked the flight for San Diego on 25 February.

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The bright 400 lumen LED light brightens the darkest of roads and trails.

With our world-first safe passing distance tramline guides, you can assess whether motorists are abiding by safe passing distance legislation or driving too close for comfort.

You can even include a map of where you were riding using Strava GPS data.

The Wi Fi button turns on Wi Fi for transferring your videos to the Cycliq Plus app and enables you to safeguard footage while riding.

Fly12 is the only camera/light combination on the market to last up to 10 hours in camera mode.The light dims down to 100 Lumens and will continue to function for approximately 1.5 hours to make sure you can get home safely.