Being intimidating woman

22-Nov-2017 11:23

Where do I begin with this one (major rant about to go down…warning)??

First off, if a man cannot handle a woman who is opinionated with a mind of her own…you need to know up front.

I was looking at my intimidation in all the wrong ways.

Why would I want to be with a man (I mean little boy) whose low self esteem led him to believing that I was too good for him, and I would likely find someone better?

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The biggest obstacle woman who are intimidating face is dealing with little boys who are disguised as men (a beard and flannel shirt does not guarantee a real man…I promise). Looks can intimidate people to act completely psycho on dates, not make eye contact, friend zone first instead of ask you out, hate your guts for no reason, and cause lots of uncomfortable moments.

We are financially secure without having to wish upon a star that some sugar daddy will find our bikini photo on Instagram and offer us his penthouse.