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20-Jan-2018 12:16

In this manner, Portugal joined the European Free Trade Association when this very British answer to the European Economic Community was established, in 1960, having secured in advance some protection for its fragile industrial sector.However, as soon as the UK applied for membership of the EEC – a more ambitious organization, with supranational institutions and a common external tariff – Portugal had to follow in its footsteps in order to secure its access to the British market.The killing of Cox by a white nationalist terrorist indicates growing violent white supremacy trends, violence from far-right extremism and neo-Nazi groups across the country.

(TLE novel: The Sundered) The European Union was a precursor to the European Hegemony (TNG episode: "Up the Long Ladder") and European Alliance (TNG episode: "The Price"), which themselves were precursors to the establishment of United Earth in 2130.

This period witnessed the rise of the United States of America as both superpower and leader of the Western world, a development which Portugal’s dictatorial Prime Minister, António de Oliveira Salazar, did not always accept with good grace; the invasion of Portuguese India, in December 1961, which shook Portuguese trust in British diplomacy and guarantees of military collaboration; and the start of Portugal’s colonial wars in Africa, which drove Lisbon and London, the later now committed to decolonization, further apart.

Portugal’s economic and military cooperation with Ian Smith’s illegal regime in Rhodesia, which Great Britain tried to put paid to by a variety of means, underscored the extent to which Salazar’s New State regime had drifted away from Portugal’s traditional relationship with its oldest ally.

Afghanistan • China • India • Indonesia • Japan (Empire of Japan) • Kazakhstan • Korea (S.

Over the course of two decades, from the end of the Second World War to Rhodesia’s unilateral declaration of independence, the alliance with Great Britain lost its central role as the ultimate guarantor of national independence and colonial integrity for Portugal.

About 40 neo-Nazis were put under investigation by police in Britain amid fears that they are plotting terrorist attacks against Muslims around the country, the Sunday Times reported.