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They typically have specifications of 30fps maximum frame rate, at least 320x240 resolution, 40 degrees field of view and have CPU usage.

All have color sensors and an infrared blocking filter which can usually be removed to increase infrared sensitivity but sometimes requires permanent modification.

Now press L3 (press down on the left analog stick) to initiate multi-page mode.

Flick the left stick to scroll through the open web pages.

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Webcams are the most applicable camera to use with Free Track as they are common and inexpensive with good PC connectivity and most known brands are suitable for optical tracking.

Security cameras and car reversing cameras are more likely to have infrared LEDs.

General considerations: The following camera compatibility list, comprised primarily of webcams, is based on user camera compatibility feedback on the forums.

The PS3 is the only console to support 3D games for an ultra immersive experience. Remote Play is a feature that lets a Play Station Portable user interact with the PS3’s XMB, allowing easy control all the content stored on your PS3’s hard drive or external media — be it music, audiobooks, TV shows, movies, photos, games and applications — as well as access to the Play Station Store. Using a wireless network, the PS3 delivers a live video stream to the PSP, so you can see content on your handheld’s display, while that same connection is used to control content on your PS3 via the PSP’s buttons. Microsoft made a big splash with its Facebook and Twitter integration for Xbox Live, but PS3 owners have long been able to access these social networks, as well as the rest of the World Wide Web.

In fact, you can take advantage of your 50-inch screen and browse with multiple Internet windows open. Got to go to a website you want and press Triangle on the PS3 controller and choose “Open in New Window.” Here you can type a new web site address and repeat the process again — up to six times.Gembird CAM66U Emprex PC901 Microalert - OMS19 - Easy filter removal. Logitech Quick Cam Express cameras with PID 0920 (older model) Microsoft Life Cam VX-700 Creative Live!